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by Nick Talbott

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Sep 9, 2019

Borderlines back issues

Do you have paper copies of early editions of Borderlines?  The British Library would appreciate having them.

Borderlines editor Margaret Mason writes ...

As you may know, the National Library of Wales has asked that we supply copies of Borderlines to both them and the British Library under the legal deposit scheme. This was some years after Borderlines had started and, whilst I could manage a complete back set for The National Library of Wales, I am still several copies short for the British Library.

If anyone has a copy of the following to spare, would they please let either me or any member of the committee have it? Don’t give it to us if you have been cherishing it because you are on the front cover, or there is an article you want to keep – the British Library have access to the archived copies on the website so your need is probably greater than theirs. But just in case you find an unwanted copy hanging around they would prefer a print version. Thanks, Margaret Mason

Issues needed: 

Sept 2011, Dec 2011
March 2012, June 2012, Sept 2012, Dec 2012
Dec 2013

March 2014, June 2014, Sept 2014