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by Jill de Gray Birch

U3A News

May 4, 2020

VE75 Commemorations

Despite the cancellation of the local commemorative events that were planned, you can still join in from home.

Jan Swindale, our Llandrindod Town Crier, writes:

Due to the cancellation of our local VE75 commemorations weekend 8th to 10th May 2020, with support from Llandrindod Wells Town Council and The Royal British Legion local branch, we are able to participate on Friday 8th May 2020 at 11:00am with a two minute silence suggested by the RBL. The Queen's Pageant Master, Bruno Peek, who is in contact with me, has suggested that we continue with the Thanks for the Heroes at 3:00pm on Friday from our gardens or front doors. He had expressed a wish that Winston Churchill's announcement of the end of WWII in Europe be televised, and the BBC1 has prepared a programme of events from 2:45pm, 7:00pm The One Show, and 8:00pm to 10:00pm The People's Memories with a Singalong that you may be interested in watching.

I shall be performing a Toast and Applauding with a Thanks to the Heroes, and a Tribute to the Millions (which I would have read out on Sunday afternoon at the Memorial) with a "Street" Tea Party, buntings and flags flowing on my balcony, and hope you all will join in from your own gardens. At 6:55pm I will also be performing the official "Worldwide Cry for Peace", again on my balcony joining in with all the Town Criers in the UK and Worldwide, in which will be an honour to participate. I live down a farm track in Park Lane behind the Rock Park and if you are out on your daily exercise you may hear my bell ringing out over the fields!

Everyone take care, keep safe and well, with best wishes from Jan Swindale, Town Crier AHGTC.