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Computer Group

Group Leader: Nick Talbott -

The group meets on Mondays at 2:30pm at roughly two-week intervals at Trosnant, Park Lane. For popular topics there is a afternoon session at 2:30pm and an evening session at 7:30pm

You can contact the group leader using our Interest Group enquiry form.

See below for information on joining the group and a list of current and previously covered topics.


2020 meetings

What is a computer program?

For this topic we'll go over the general principles of how computers work and look at the process of creating the programs that we use. This will include an explanation of what 'algorithms' are and what is meant by 'artificial intelligence'. Provisionally 2 sessions.

Dates for this topic to be confirmed in due course.  


Please note that we may delay starting new topics if we find we need to spend more time on the current topics.

Future topics

Topics for future meetings will be agreed by the group and published here.  Please let the group leader know if there are any topics you would like to learn about.

About the Group

The computer group meetings are held at approximatley two-week intervals on a Monday. 

Upcoming topics are discussed and agreed by the group, and members are then able to book a place for each particular topic on a first come, first served basis. For practical reasons, meetings are usually limited to a maximum of 8 members at a session.  Where a topic attracts a lot of interest we may break into two sub-groups.

The regular meeting time is 2:30pm.  If there are sufficient numbers to break into two sub-groups, the first sub-group meeting at 2:30pm will be at a pace suitable for those developing basic skills in using computers and an evening sub-group meeting at 7:30pm will be more appropriate for experienced computer users.  Both groups will cover the same material, but with the evening group we usually cover the subject in more depth and go at a faster rate.

Meetings usually run for an hour and a half, of which roughly an hour is given to training related to the current topic. The other half an hour is spent in general discussion and in examining questions or problems raised by members. Each topic we choose to tackle will usually span a number of consecutive meetings.

The group caters for computers running Linux, Apple Mac OS X or Windows. The intention is to develop computer skills generally, without favouring any particular computer system. Members may bring along their own laptop computers, and laptops are available for those that do not have one they can bring.

The training sessions will generally be based on using open source applications which can run on virtually any computer regardless of make or age and which are available free of charge for all members to install on their own computers.

Joining the group

Any U3A member can ask to join an email list to be notified of upcoming topics, and to receive copies of materials related to the current topic. To join the group's mail list, please contact Nick Talbott. New members are asked to complete a questionnaire to help assess their level of experience and to establish the priorities to future topics for training.

Previously covered topics include:

Internet Safety: phishing, scams, virus and trojans

Buying and selling online

Introduction to Computing for Absolute Beginners

Working with Files and "Cloud" file storage

Creating Posters using OpenOffice Draw or LibreOffice Draw

Photo and Image editing using The GIMP

Desktop Publishing using OpenOffice Writer or LibreOffice Writer

Giving Presentations Using Presentation Software

Using Facebook

Introduction to Spreadsheets

Getting the most from your Web Browser

Downloading Files

Web browser cookies

Google Fonts

Connecting projectors and TVs to your computer

Music on your computer, phone and tablet.