Photo: Llandrindod Lake
by David Chandler

U3A News

Mar 16, 2021

Llandrindod U3A Newsletter

During the covid-19 crisis we are going to keep in touch by emailing a regular newsletter to members.  You can also read a copy here.

We send our newsletter to every member for whom we have a valid email address.


Did you get your email newsletter from us?

If you have not received your copy of the newsletter perhaps your email service provider has treated it as "spam".  Have a look in your email "Spam", "Junk" or similarly named folder.  If you find it there, please whitelist our email address (see below).

Do we have your correct email address?  If you didn't receive our email and it's not in your spam folder, please email us and ask to receive future newsletters.


Read or print a copy of the newsletter

First newsletter (April 2020)
Second newsletter (May 2020)
Third newsletter (June 2020)
Fourth newsletter (July 2020)
Fifth newsletter (August 2020)
Sixth newsletter (September 2020)
Documents referred to in Newsletter 6:
Book Reviews
"The Couple at 27A" - a short story by Jill Clay
Seventh newsletter (October 2020)
Eighth newsletter (November 2020)
Ninth newsletter (December 2020)
Tenth newsletter (January 2021)
Newsletter 11 (February 2021)
Documents referred to in Newsletter 11:
Book Reviews
Nursery Rhymes Challenge
"Keep Smiling"
Newsletter 12 (March 2021)
Documents referred to in Newsletter 12:
Book Reviews
Short Story: Hidden Away
"Keep Smiling 23"



Keep Smiling

If you have enjoyed the occasional edition of Phil Joiner's "Keep Smiling" that has accompanied recent newsletters you can now read every one that has been produced on the Midhurst u3a website.


Using Zoom safely

In the newsletters we refer to using the Zoom service for web conferencing.  Issues have been raised with regard to the safety of using Zoom.  Which? have produced a useful article that analyses the security of the service and provides a helpful checklist for using it safely.


How to whitelist our email address

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