Photo: Elan Valley
by Jane Malvern

Coronavirus Update

At its meeting on March 17th and subsequent meetings the Llandrindod U3A Committee made the following decisions and recommendations:



U3A monthly lecture meetings are cancelled until further notice, in line with Government recommendations and our own concern for our membership.



Interest Group meetings may continue to meet virtually or in person as long as government guidance is followed.

Interest Group Leaders may chose, where it is possible, to continue with their group using modern technology. Each group and individual members access and ability will be different. Members of interest groups please contact the relevant group leader if you have any queries.

If groups do meet in person then a special Covid-19 Risk Assessment must be carried out by the group leader for each meeting and a record should be made of the names and contact information of all members who attend.

If friends decide to meet to carry out outdoor activities, that is the individuals decision but should not be carried out under the U3A banner.



Where money has been taken for trips and activities the Group Leaders will be in contact with those concerned on an individual basis when future communications are received



Please pay your membership subscription if you have not done so via cheque, cash or direct debit to the Treasurer as we still have to send monies to U3A National office, Third Age Matters Magazine etc



It is not sensible or cost effective at this stage to produce the Membership cards which detail the future programme of speakers, as these are fluid and currently being cancelled or postponed in liaison with the speakers.

Membership cards will be available at our first U3A meeting after the crisis has passed.


Information from U3A National Office

The U3A National Office have issued an advice note, available to download here, which provides general information on the coronavirus.

They have also produced a news update, "Staying in Touch", which set out how the Trust will continue to support members during the crisis.

Sources of Information on CORVID-19

Comprehensive and up to date sources of information and advice on the coronavirus include those provided by:

Beware of scams

Criminals are preying on Coronavirus fears. 

Don't get taken in by bogus emails puporting to offer advice or help.  Read the BBC's guide to current scams and how to spot scam emails.  

Watch out for scam phone calls too.  Here's a useful guide to some of the ones currently being tried.

Which? have also published a comprehensive guide to current scams including doorstep scams.

How will you spend your time?

The committee expect that many members will use the opportunity to take up other pastimes and activities. Please tell us how you plan to use the time and share your ideas for making the best of the period. We will publish members contributions on the website. Send your emails to