Photo: Llandrindod Bandstand
by Jill de Gray Birch

Recorder Group

Group leader: Berwyn Woolnough -

The group meets on alternate Wednesday evenings at 7.30 p.m. at the group leader's house.


Members of the group have varied levels of experience and skill but, under the expert (and patient!) guidance of the group leader, Berwyn Woolnough, everyone learns and plays together in a relaxed but purposeful way. The meetings are kindly hosted at Berwyn's house.

Photo by Jane Malvern

Photo by Jane Malvern

Currently there are: 3 members playing Descant 1; 2 playing Descant 2; 2 playing Treble; 3 playing Tenor; 1 playing Bass and Berwyn directing or filling in as necessary.

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